Mrs. Ena Radway

Ena was appointed in Octoner 2011 for a term of two years. She is currenlty serving the New Seasons including as Sunday school superintendent and also is the head of the Seasoner’s Luncheon Club ministry. Ena has been a faithful member of this church for many years and is a wonderful example of faithfulness to the church. We have belief and confidence that she will do well in her new area of ministry.

Lester Freckleton

A musician himself, Lester leads and co-ordinates the praise and worship team.

He is married to Marline and they have two children, Lemarl and Lauren.

In a professional capacity, Lester is the programme leader for Level 2 Performing Arts at the City of Bristol College.  His specialist subjects are music technology and music business.  He is a member of the Equalities and Diversity Forum where he co-ordinates a team focusing on issues related to student support. Over the past nine years, Lester has also been involved with developing mentoring programmes and courses.

Within the community Lester currently serves as Chairman of a recently formed community group, The Black Heritage Association Cymru (BHAC). The Black Heritage Association Cymru aims to improve the life experience of Communities of Black Heritage in Wales.  It is presently looking at aspects of heritage, education, health and social care.

Lester Freckleton is also a Church Councillor.

Muriel Wharton

Muriel was born in Basseterre St.Kitts and in 1961 came to live in Newport South Wales.

Muriel has 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 7 godchildren; she has also fostered many children in the past 13 years.

As far back as she can remember, Muriel has always been in church, including the Moravian church in St.Kitts and the Methodist church at Stow Hill in Newport. She was converted in 1971 at a home prayer meeting after many invitations from friends and workmates from the New Testament Church of God.

Muriel is a devoted and fully committed Christian, loving the Lord, putting Him first and desires to remained focused on Him.

She has worked loyally as church secretary with former pastors, D. Roberts, L. Bailey, R.B. Brown and R.A. Stewart. She continues to work faithfully with current pastor Winston Taylor.

Ena Radway

Having served in various offices in the church over the years, including Local Youth & Christian Education Director, Ena is currently the Sunday School Superintendent and has held this position for the past 15 years.

Ena has a great desire to reach out and touch people’s lives and let them know of Jesus’ love for all people everywhere.


Daphne was appointed October 2011 for a period of two years.

Position VACANT


Ushers & Sacraments Co-ordinator