The Big Move is the national strategy spearheaded by our Administrative Bishop Eric Brown to position NTCG for relevance and impact in the years ahead.

It calls upon Pastors, Auxiliary Heads and Leaders in our Church to prioritise these seven points in fulfilling the functions of the church. We must actively train/equip the people we are asking to lead at the different levels of our church.

Young people must know that they are a part of the church today and that they have a vital role to play in its future work and progress.

Leaders, as they plan activities, are asked not to do the usual. We must expand on our programmes, question their effectiveness, make sure that they are contributing to the vision we have for the church. We therefore ask, Are these programmes Word centered? Do they equip and nurture believers in Christ? Do they strengthen the fellowship between brethren – which is the prayer, mission and evangelism content? Leaders must ask these and other questions and answer them before we attempt to set out programmes.

Building Committed, Confident Leaders
Informing and Impacting our Youth
Growing Healthy Churches

Mobilising the Church for Ministry & Missions
Offering hope to our Communities
Valuing our women and our men
Evangelising extensively

Remember, we are ‘Moving Forward Together’

Bishop Eric Brown
Administrative Bishop – NTCG England & Wales

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