Rev. Vaz Smith is a man who truly loves the Lord, and his dedication to serve his God is evident to all who has had the pleasure of working with him.

He was born on the island of Jamaica, one of eight children, himself being the youngest of six boys and two younger sisters. Rev: Vaz migrated to Britain in his former years. From the first day that Rev: Vaz gave his life to the Lord he began active ministry. His passion and drive to see others come to know the Lord he loves so dearly led him into many areas of Church ministry. Working as Youth Leader, member of the Pastoral Council, Deacon, District Evangelistic Coordinator, adult bible class Teacher and Prison ministry are some of the positions he has held during his journey to give Glory to his God. For those of us who know him more personally can testify of his passion for the word of God, if you ask him a question about the bible be prepared, he will take you on a journey reinvigorating ancient bible stories with new ways of applying God’s principles to your life.

Rev: Vaz has served as the senior Pastor of the New Testament Church of God, Chippenham Wiltshire for the last 6 years, it’s with great sadness that he has to move on but he believes the time is right for the change. He was successful in 2014 to be promoted to the rank of Ordained Minister. He is a down to earth, fun loving and a family man with extraordinary faith in Christ. Rev: Vaz is a man of his word and a man of integrity. He is married to Debbie and has 5 children. His testimony is an amazing example of what God can achieve when a man puts his faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. Amen.