Brief description of the Seasoners Luncheon Club Aims and Objectives.

Seasoners Luncheon Club is an organisation committed to meeting discovered needs within the community we serve.

It has been set up to prepare meals and a weekly educational facility for church members and members of the community.

This facility was launched in March 2005 and held every other Wednesday. Due to the success of this scheme we are now able to provide a weekly facility, meeting every Wednesday providing Caribbean food, practical education and excellent company.

The Seasoners club has been formally organised with a chairperson and permanent organisational committee.

This committee has set the following as its 5 main aims and objectives for the Seasoners Luncheon Club:

  1. To provide a sustainable source of education and learning for the over 60’s in our community. Primarily this educational programme will deal with health issues particularly relevant to older men and women.
  2. To provide a drop-in facility where the over 60’s and others will have an opportunity to meet, greet and socialise with their peers.
  3. To provide a non-threatening forum where people of all races can meet, make friends and share life experiences.
  4. To provide a facility that promotes awareness, appreciation and respect for the cultural diversity of the community we serve.
  5. To maintain a clean and up to date catering facility where meals can be prepared and distributed to individuals that are perhaps immobile at home.

Our aims are to further our community outreach and to make this church a place of learning, foster a real sense of community involvement and to be truly relevant to the community we are located in and serve.

We are at present in partnership with the following organisations helping to meet our community vision:

  1. GAVO – (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations)
  2. St. Cadocs Hospital
  3. Churches Commission for Racial Justice
  4. BHAC – (Black Heritage Association Cymru)
  5. Coleg Gwent

Seasoners Catering team:

Left to right – Ena Radway, Loretta Smith, Del Carnegie, Merdina Broomfield.


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