• NB: The payment for Kitchen Hire MUST be paid for on the day of hire

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Please ensure there is a church staff member to lock up after you before you vacate the premises.

Please follow these simple guidelines to ensure that healthy and safe practices are continued.

The premises and all equipment are to be left in the same condition as they were when your hire began.

In the case of damage to church property, renters are responsible for the cost of repairs required to restore to original condition.

Hot/Cold Drink Provision

Please ensure that all kettles, boilers or water heaters are in such a position that they cannot be knocked over or reached across increasing the risk of scalding and burning.

Food Preparation/Serving Food

When you are preparing food you will use an appropriate chopping board and ensure that all work surfaces are cleaned before and after use.

All knives and other sharp instruments should be stored safely away when cleaned and finished with.

When serving hot food or beverages they should never be carried round the room in open receptacles.