Oh Lord why is my house upside down? Even my own family become my worst enemy.
Sometimes when I try to do good by helping others in time of need
All they do is criticise and show no gratitude.
My own family don’t have any respect for me
So how can I show them any respect? Lord, you alone know my heart
I try not to sin against thee, but there are always obstacles in my way.
So Lord I am asking you to remove them out of my way and out of my site.
Lord, those who refuse to accept your word, put them to shame
Reveal yourself to them and let them see your glory
Lord do you know and understand what I am going through?
Yet, who am I to question you? Father give me a clean heart so that I will serve nobody but you
Lord even when I am going down you always come to my rescue; I want to say thank you Lord for being there for me
Holy Spirit I do believe, if it was not for you, I don ’t know where I would be
Lord I thank thee because, even when my friends raise up against me
This too shall pass
Because the God I serve is greater than any of my troubles
Lord I know that you will bring me through every situation
Lord when I am weary and I stumble and fail ready to give up, you came to my rescue
If you did not come to my rescue all would be lost
But the God that I serve never fails me
When I am not able to defend myself you are my defender
When I am sick you are my healer; when I am lonely you give me comfort
When I had no food, you came and provided
No words can explain what you have done for me
And how excellent you are, oh Lord my God and my King
Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth
Lord you alone are the holy one and you alone are God
Lord I have sinned but I still hear you calling my name
Many times my trials get me down and its like all I am taught goes to waste
But I know it’s only to make me stronger
So I just recommit myself to you and give my all and not just a part
Glory and praise be to God in the heavenly place. Amen!