Father, I praise, worship and adore you
Your mercy is great, your grace is never-ending, your love is overwhelming
And I thank you for my blessings
Through it all you have been there
You have upheld me by your right hand
Lord you have called me, you have appointed me and anointed me
Yet in the midst of blessings, darkness seems to follow
Father, at times, in front of the people I am high
But behind closed doors I am low
In the Spirit I’ll know mysteries
But in the natural I sometimes struggle to be at ease
God I commit my dark places to you
Those places I wish for no one to see
I also ask of you to save me, deliver me and set me free
All so I can be who you have called me to be
Lord I make a decision to rise up and live
Because glory to your name I want to give
You shall deliver me and I shall rise to bless your name
As I reach for that prize
In everything I give thanks and call you Holy
Because you are God – unchanging
And Lord that is truly amazing