Blessed be the name of the lord, great things he has done.
Lord I serve you and I exalt your name.
My strength and my faith are in you.

Oh lord sometimes I failed to listen to your voice because I was stubborn.
Lord now I know that without you I am lost in this troubled world.

I am sorry Lord God for ignoring your voice when you spoke unto me
Lord help me to be patient, and to live according to your words
Help me to control my tongue
So the words that come out of my mouth
Will not hurt them but let them know I love them
Not discourage them but to encourage them.
Lord when others mock me and criticise me I pray that I will stand tall
And declare that you are Lord and ruler of my life.
Upon your foundation I shall stand and upon the rock will I rest my head.
My life is in your hands and the decisions that you make over my life final
Because you made me you made this world and everything in it
You made me to serve you and to worship your Holy name
For as long as I live you will be first in my heart
And no else can take that place Lord for it’s for you and for you alone.
When I cry out to you I know you hear my cry
And you rescue me from my trouble
When I’m in pain Lord I know that it is to help me to become stronger in you.
Lord you said that you will never leave me nor forsake me
And Lord you stayed with me through out my walk with you
Although I have many more years ahead of me
I know that you will not leave me
Because every word that comes from your mouth is true.
In life they are struggles
But when I put my trust in you I know that you will deliver me.
Glory to your name heavenly father
Let your people praise you
With songs that declare that you are Lord of Lords
May others open their eyes?
And see that you are king of kings as I give glory to your name Lord!