Hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah , Giving God the highest praise
To thee be glory, honour and praise
God made Eve for Adam
We are living in a very controversial age
In times of discouragement
Help me to see things from your perspective Lord
It is established that god hates sin
The greatest gift is love
calling all to believe on the name of Jesus
God gives life through Jesus
God is love and justice
And he is a jealous God
The Lord shall make his enemies his footstool
There was controversy in Jesus’ day
The Lord turned the tables in the temple calling them “vipers”
People want to feel good
People are searching
We are given a free will
Our best acts are like filthy rags
The tree had to be pruned (cut down)
The branches cannot bear fruit unless
They abide in the word
The word is Jesus, King of all Kings
The name above all names
Lord you made me
Lord you know my beginning and my end
Lord you promise never to leave me or forsake me
In life’s journey I have proven your work to be powerful and true
It did not return void
Your time is not my time Your ways are higher than mine
Lord you are my creator and king
Holy Holy Holy is my redeemer
Every tongue, nation and children shall sing your praises
The power of darkness shall not prevail
God allows things to happen
The sun shine on the righteous and the unrighteous
When one become successful they are proud and intoxicated with power
The old testament is our history
We are not robots God raises up people to vindicate
People can be receptive relying on feelings rather than the word of God (such as humanitarian)
Father please take these feelings away, that are crushed with emotion
Jesus I want your will to be mine
Thank you Lord for your shred blood at Calvary, giving life to all who believe
Help us to continue with our daily walk with you
Father I know that there are certain prayers you do not answer
Compromising the word is partial surrender
Disobedient acts are wilful
Lord you shall return for your saints
Lord I give you thanks because your mercies endures forever