Oh lord sometimes I feel so bound with responsibilities I have to face
I had my life mapped out but it seems as if you had a different plan for my life
Sometimes I get so upset and wonder why me lord.
People tell me that you have a plan for my life
Why don’t you come to me and tell me lord what you have in store for me
I do not want others to tell me, I want to hear your voice;
I want to know you for myself

I try fasting but before you can blink there is something in my mouth
When I try pick up the Bible
It seems like there is a force telling me I can do it in the morning
My heart is crying out so that someone can see my hurt and pain
My thinking and the thoughts that go through my mind are not of you Lord
Sometimes I wonder if you are actually there
Seeing me go through these trials in my life

Some say that I go through these things to help someone
What about the pain and frustration I have in my heart?
How can I praise you with all these things going through my mind?

But I know lord that your thoughts are higher than my thoughts
Your ways are higher than my ways
That’s why my king I will continue to praise you
Not because of what you can do for me but because of who you are

When I think back about my life and wonder
If you did not come to redeem me where would I be?

If there were no Calvary

But lord I thank you for Calvary
And the blood that you have shed there for my sins